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Notice of Your Privacy Rights

About your privacy

Maintaining the privacy of our customers’ information is important to us at 1st Bank.  Throughout our operations, we implement policies and procedures designed to protect and safeguard confidential customer information that may be exchanged in the context of transacting business with us.

Under the Financial Services Modernization Act (also known as the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act or GLB), you have specific rights to protect your privacy.  Financial organizations are required to provide information concerning their privacy policies, opt-out procedures and safeguards or policies in effect to protect customer information.

1st Bank has established privacy policies and procedures for the conduct of our transactional banking business and specific web privacy policies.

We urge you to review these policies carefully.  While we take appropriate steps to assure the confidentiality of customer information, Internet banking customers are urged to implement proper safeguards individually by installing and maintaining anti-virus and firewall protection.

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