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1st Bank is locally owned and operated by Tri-State 1st Banc (TSEO.OB), a holding company. Tri-State also owns MDH Investment Management, Inc., and Gateminder Corporation, a provider of ATM services.

In 1986, 1st Bank was conceived by persons concerned about changes that had taken place in the local banking community. Several key banking and business leaders who represented and influenced public opinion in the community were approached to determine whether there was a need for a new community bank dedicated to providing quality banking services at a fair price. The response was overwhelming. Six persons were selected to serve as organizers of the new bank:

In July of 1986 the organizers met with officials in the office of the Controller of the Currency in Chicago, IL. Charles Lang was chosen to serve as contact person for the proposed bank and the decision was made to seek a national bank charter.

An application for a bank charter was filed with the Controller of Currency on August 7, 1986. G. Allen Dickey then joined the other six organizers. When conditional approval for 1st Bank was received, a meeting of the organizers was held and seven Interim Directors were elected. Keith Clutter was retained to assist the organizers in the formation of the new bank.

1st Bank seeks to provide the entire community with total banking services but with an emphasis on the individual needs of each customer. Quality of service is stressed. 1st Bank targets its products and services at specific marketplaces and does not attempt to be all things to all people. It seeks an attractive return for all its investors while providing a stable capital base which is important to the success of the operation of any independent bank. Employees are encouraged to become involved in the ownership of 1st Bank. Their success will be in direct proportion to their performance and the accomplishments of 1st Bank.

In a world of constant and accelerating change, survival may depend on having the flexibility to do things differently than has been done in the past. We must be able to adjust easily and quickly respond to changing conditions and circumstances within our industry.

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