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November 28, 2011

Tri State 1st Banc Declares Dividends

East Liverpool, OH. (11/28/2011) – The Board of Directors of Tri-State 1st Banc Inc. declared its regular quarterly dividend in the amount of $.05 per share on both Common stock and Preferred Series A stock for the 4th Quarter of 2011. In addition to the regular quarterly dividend, the Board of Directors also declared a special year-end dividend on its common and Series A Preferred stock in the amount of an additional $.05.

The $.10 per share paid in the 4th Quarter results in a total dividend payment for the year of $.25 per share. In the full year 2010 the company paid dividends of $.18 to its shareholders adjusted for a 25% stock dividend in January of 2011.

The dividends were declared at a meeting of the Board of Directors on November 16, 2011 and will be paid on December 19, 2011 to shareholders of record on November 28, 2011. Shareholders have received a dividend each year since 1990. The 1st National Community Bank was chartered in June 1987 by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

There are 996,429 shares of common stock and Series A Preferred of Tri-State 1st Banc outstanding. The company will pay a total of $99,643 to stockholders in December. For the year 2011 the company will have paid dividends of $249,107 to its shareholders many of whom reside or work in the tri-state area.

Charles B. Lang, Chairman of Tri-State 1st Banc Inc., stated: “It appears that the Bank and the other three subsidiaries will all exceed expectations for the year 2011. The company has been able to continue to accumulate capital annually to support its growth and underwrite its lending programs. Loans are our most important function to many of our customers and we must make certain that we will always be able to meet the needs of creditworthy borrowers. It is only fair that the company during the good times should share its success with shareholders who because of their investment are responsible for our existance over the past 24 years.”

Tri-State 1st Banc Inc (NASDAQ.BB symbol “TSOH”) is an Ohio Financial Holding Company registered with the Federal Reserve Bank and is the parent company of the four subsidiary companies. The subsidiaries are 1st National Community Bank under President Stephen R. Sant, Dr. Marc D. Hoffrichter is President and founder of MDH Investment Management Company in 1983, and Gateminder Corporation chartered in 1999 with Lance Lang as President. The newest company to join with Tri-State is the Cooper Insurance Agency in 2010 with Stephen W. Cooper serving as its President.

Founding President Charles B. Lang serves as company Chairman and Stephen R. Sant serves as President of the Tri-State 1st Banc Inc. Stephen Beadnell is Chief Financial Officer of the company.

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